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31.01.2020 20:50




Vladimir Kolchin,

engineer-electro-physicist, Probiotica Corporation, Russia



Изображение выглядит как текст, картаАвтоматически созданное описание

Figure 1. A man and his microbes are a prime example symbiosis coexistence


Scientists know that trillions of individual microbes coexist in the human body (10' - 100'000'000'000 symbiotic microbial cells), the diversity of which represents over 10'000 species of various microbes. This was established by the analysis of genetic material taken in the human body. The entire set of microbial populations is unique and inimitable for each person and is called the human microbiome. Until now, studies have been conducted only of those types of microbes that were the cause of various diseases. But no one knows all the types of microbes that inhabit the body of a healthy person. No one knows exactly where many of these germs are located. No one knows how microbes affect our body. The question of how individual variations in the types of bacteria among healthy people affect the possible development of diseases is still open (opinion of the Consortium of American Scientists in 2012).




At the end of December last year, the first information appeared that the first cases of pneumonia of unknown origin were recorded in the Chinese city of Wuhan. The disease was detected in more than 50 people, of which seven were in critical condition. Later it became known that 59 patients fell ill with an unknown disease. Symptoms of the disease were similar and began to manifest between December 12 and 29, 2019. As of January 27, 2744, people were hospitalized in China. 80 people died from the disease. China is doing its best to prevent the further spread of the mysterious coronavirus.


Figure 2. Graph of the daily report on the number of cases. According to the Wuhan City Health Commission, China


It has been established with enough confidence that the source of the coronavirus is a large food market located in Wuhan. The first infected visited it. This market is known for the fact that they sell live animals for human consumption. Among them, there are a lot of snakes and bats.

Figure 3. The source of the coronavirus was a large a food market located in Wuhan, China.



According to experts in China, the development of drugs against a new type of coronavirus will take several years. The new coronavirus causing the outbreak is different from those previously detected, and further scientific research is needed to understand it in depth.

Our suggestion: in order not to wait for several years, this article proposed a method of hygiene with probiotics, which is very likely to stop a viral infection of any etymology, including a coronavirus infection. Our vision of the process is based on a few postulates presented here.  




A postulate is a statement that is accepted without evidence and serves as the basis for building a scientific theory. This is an assumption that does not need strict proof but must be made strongly and reasonably (plausibly) based on the facts.


Postulate 1. In the body of each person, the diversity of microbial communities has more than 10 ' 000. That is, more than 10 ' 000 microbial populations are represented in the human body. The number of cells in each population varies, but the total human microbiota has between 10 and 100 trillion microbial cells. - (In 2012, a consortium of American scientists published the results of five years of work on the National institutes of health's Human Microbiome Project.)


Postulate 2. If you somehow stop the activity of certain microbial communities that are responsible for the functioning of vital human organs, these human organs will stop working, and the person will die. This also applies to the function of human pulmonary respiration. A person cannot exist without the work of some important microbial populations. - (In 2012, a consortium of American scientists published the results of five years of work on the National institutes of health's Human Microbiome Project.)


Postulate 3. Stopping the activity of important microbial populations can occur as a result of a sharp dominance of one of the 10 ' 000 species of microbes, as a result of a sharp infectious process (growth) of this microbial species. This will be the result of fulfilling the biological law of interspecific competition. - (works by Yuri Bryskin, Belgium and Vladimir Kolchin, Russia).


Figure 4. There are more than 10'000 microbial populations in the human body, including the population responsible for the work of human pulmonary respiration.



Postulate 4. The air space that separates people is filled with many types of microorganisms. The higher the species microbial diversity and density of microbial communities, the lower the level of sanitary conditions of the territory. - (works by the group of Yuri Bryskin, Belgium and Vladimir Kolchin, Russia).


Postulate 5. There is always a personal microbial cloud around each person. The size of this microbial cloud can range from 1 meter to 50 meters around each person. When different people gather in an area commensurate with these distances, the clouds have horizontal interpenetration and mixing. Accordingly, the density of mutual contact of species microbial communities increases. - (works of the James Meadow group, USA)


Figure 5. Around each person there is always a personal linked cloud of microbes that are part of its microbiome


Postulate 6. In each person, one of the 10000 species of microbes are noticeable: its population in the human body is more strongly represented. The type combination (microbiome) for each person is individual and never repeats in another person. - (works by Rob Night group, USA) 


Figure 6. Each of the 3 individuals has a unique variety of microbial diversity and there are populations that are more prominently represented



Postulate 7. In the species microbial set, there is a mechanism for transmitting information using the chemical language of interspecific communication (intermicrobial Esperanto). Microbes transmit information without asking permission from a person. - (works of the Bonnie Bassler group, USA).


Изображение выглядит как снимок экрана, текстАвтоматически созданное описание

Figure 7. Microbes can talk to each other in the language of interspecies communication and transmit information. The speed of information transfer in the microbial Internet is great.


Postulate 8. How easy it is to quickly infect, infect the body and spread the infection - the reverse process of interrupting the spread of infection should be just as easy. The solution lies on the surface. If we understand the physics of infection spreading, we can find a way to stop this infection. - (approval of the group of Yuri Bryskin, Belgium and Vladimir Kolchin, Russia).


Postulate 9. Any growth of a microbial community of a certain type can be inhibited by creating a dominant (larger growth) microbial community of another type on a given territory. This type can be a type of natural beneficial microbes-probiotics. (by the group of Yuri Bryskin, Belgium and Vladimir Kolchin). 


Postulate 10. Infectious interference with human health can be considered as a violation of the microbiota. Any violation of the microbiota can be corrected with the help of useful microorganisms. According to this rule, in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, a person must create a dominant probiotic environment around them - an atmosphere filled with useful natural microbes, the common name of which is probiotics. - (work of the group of Yuri Bryskin, Belgium and Vladimir Kolchin, Russia). 





How is the onset of a coronavirus infection recorded? The infection is always fixed for the first time in a certain place. In our case, this place turned out to be a seafood market. The market worker felt a sharp malaise. High fever, severe cough, upper and lower respiratory tract damage - all signs of pneumonia or severe flu. With the onset of the fatal outcome, the laboratory recorded the coronavirus essence of the first fatal human case. Let's call this human sacrifice PERSON01.



Figure 8. The beginning of a coronavirus infection was marked by the first fatal victim. Let's call this victim PERSON01



Why is the viral cause of death determined? Postmortem epicrisis record the presence of the VIR01 virus and describe the morphology of the VIR01 virus. The dead teach the sick. Only the pathologist gives us a description and conclusion: 1) the VIR01 virus looks like this and that, and 2) this is a new type of VIR01 coronavirus. An urgent study is performed, a conclusion is urgently determined, and the morphology of the VIR01 coronavirus is urgently described. Currently, the VIR01 virus infection is independently expanding its geography.


Figure 9. Coronavirus VIR01, which is in the body of a special microbe KILLER01, ready to play the role of a factory for virus replication


Why did the first case occur at this geographical point? Because this place is a special space where the number of species of microorganisms in the air overflows all sorts of norms. We call such a place-an area with a low level of hygiene and a high level of concentration of microbial tension. According to the biological law of interspecific competition, the mechanism of reproduction of one of the microbial populations is launched in order to suppress the human population. The choice of the start date of the operation is random, because we do not yet know what conditions affect this date. Let's assume that the microbial community of this unsanitary territory gives the order to start a viral infection VIR01.

How is the order to start operation "infection" inside a person executed? The order comes from the collective microbial mind. Who accepts this order? The order is accepted by all microbiomes (people) that are currently on this unsanitary market territory, in whose microbiota the microbial pair KILLER01 + VIR01 is significantly represented in the human body.


Изображение выглядит как текст, снимок экранаАвтоматически созданное описание

Figure 10. All microbiomes in this unsanitary area receive an order to reproduce the VIR01 coronavirus.


It is very important that this pair of microbe and virus KILLER01 + VIR01 in different people is theoretically always present but is in different weight amounts. In one person there are a lot of them, in another person they are not significantly noticeable. Hence, a chaotic sample of victims among the population. Some microbiomes accept the breeding order for action, but other microbiomes ignore the order and do not start the breeding process. The collective microbial mind, having chosen a specific responsible executor of KILLER01 from 10,000, knows that this type of microbes is present to some extent in most people in this unsanitary territory. The collective mind knows that every person must have "sleeping agents" - KILLER01 and its virus VIR01. This pair is historically present in every person, but in a different weight category.



The VIR01 virus is not a transmitter of infection. The VIR01 virus is a means of production for capturing a new KILLER01 cell. Its goal is to get inside a free microbial cell! But why can't we relax and focus on describing one victim? Yes, because, during the autopsy of the first victim PERSON01, similar cases of sharp deterioration in the health of other people PERSON02, PERSON03, PERSON04 occur in this unsanitary territory. (see figure 10). These people were also victims but were not necessarily in contact with THE first person01 victim!

Why do people who are removed from the first victim get sick? Why do these people who are far removed from the first victim get sick in the same way? Yes, because in their organisms, among 10,000 species of microbes, KILLER01 microbes are similarly present in a good starting state. Remember, the order for microbial territory from the collective microbial mind came to all" sleeping agents " of the KILLER01 species. And the radius of this information message can have a significant value, commensurate with the distances between cities. We have yet to study the microbial Internet in the future. 

The sleeping agent in each such victim receives a signal and begins to act, trying to bring its dominance in the body to a huge size, and to bring the person to death. Thus, different people PERSON02, PERSON03, PERSON04 ... repeat the fate of the first victim PERSON01. But there is another scenario.

Why are there people who are in contact with the first victim, but have escaped the disease? Another scenario looks like this. Nearby people PERSON05, PERSON06 (see figure 10), who have this microbial type of KILLER01 in the body is negligible, ignore the order of the collective microbial mind. The KILLER01 microbe in PERSON05 and PERSON06 does not respond to the order. There are most of these people on the market and the pandemic is not 100%. In these non-sick people, the remaining 10,000 species of microbes do not allow the reproduction process to begin for a microbe called KILLER01, which is little represented in their body. These PERSON05 and PERSON06 do not get sick in the end. It doesn't matter if they're wearing a drool-inhibiting mask. 




In this year's operation, the die falls on this pair of the KILLER01+virus microbe VIR01, but next year you will have another pair of the KILLER02 + virus vir02 microbe, and we will find them inside the microbiome of the future first victim. The microbial collective mind seems to arrange microbial Olympic games for people every year with an unpredictable scenario. This is a very important circumstance. I would call this inconvenient circumstance: the uncertainty factor.

Humanity is put in a position of confusion from year to year: it is impossible to create a medicine in advance; it can theoretically be created only after the fact of what has happened, and this creation will take many years and money. And as a result, the virus will repeat itself again in a new guise. Why is creating a drug always going to be late? Let's say you created a drug antikiller01, and in the laboratory, this drug has shown itself perfectly in the fight against killer01, but on the street, killer02 is already walking and multiplying in people and it is not afraid of the drug that has just been created in the laboratory. And when you run to create antikiller02, we will be talking about the distribution of killer03 and so on. The infection is always ahead of the creators. We need a new doctrine in the fight against viral infections. We need a completely new approach. 



Let's return to the theater of action. Random for us, but not randomly selected by the collective mind type of microbe KILLER01 receives the order to start the operation. At the time of receiving the order, the KILLER01 microbe is inside the first victim. In other victims, it is also in the majority. Conditions for reproduction are formed at this moment successfully and the right moment comes, which occurs in the right place. According to the order, KILLER01 decides to start the process of microbial reproduction in the first victim and in other victims using an accelerator weapon. The weapon is to replicate the virulent (poisonous) coronavirus VIR01 in order to capture all possible microbial cells called KILLER01. The purpose of the military operation is to stop the mess of the local community of people breeding in such unsanitary conditions.

According to the biological law on interspecific competition between different biological communities, the KILLER01 microbial community gets the task: to outstrip the reproduction of the human community in this unsanitary territory by its unrestrained reproduction. The VIR01 viruses themselves (the soulless riders of the KILLER01 microbial cell) are only the means of production in this operation (copiers for the KILLER01 microbial cell).

Viruses are always present in the human body. VIR01 together with its favorite cell KILLER01 play the role of sleeping agents, who at the onset of the hour X must quickly start performing a pre-scheduled task without talking. The task of the VIR01 virus is very local and very specific - to capture a free microbial cell KILLER01. Capture as long as the host has at least one free microbial cell KILLER01. 

It is important to understand that the process of viral insertion into the cell will end as soon as VIR01 does not find any free cells called KILLER01. The virus does not need another microbial cell, this coronavirus likes to replicate only in the cell of the KILLER01 microbe.




Because it cannot withstand the powerful and rapid replication of the coronavirus VIR01 and accelerated reproduction of the microbe KILLER01. Imagine that the reproduction process of the KILLER01 microbial community occurs at some speed. This process is called microbial infection. The rate of replication of the virus is significantly higher than the normal rate of reproduction of the microbe. It can be about 1010 Replicants in 1 day. Nobody cannot withstand such many virulence (poison).

It is important to emphasize the rapidity of viral infection, which also accelerates microbial reproduction. The rate of reproduction of the responsible microbe increases significantly if microbial reproduction is accompanied by viral replication. Hence, the rate of spread of viral infection is much higher and the process itself is more powerful than the rate of ordinary microbial reproduction (infection). It is the presence of viruses in the replication process that gives the reproduction process incredible speed. Microbial infection cannot boast of such a high rate.